#47: Permission Permanently Revoked…?

July 30th, 2017


The core four are back but for the last time? We discuss the future of the podcast throughout this podcast. We do have a guest named "Red" who joined us this week. We discuss Game of Thrones quickly but not everyone is up to date yet. So we start to discuss the OJ parole hearing and play some OJ clips. Jen then talks about her trip to Europe and she describes her tour of the Guinness Brewery. We then talk a little more about why we are ending the podcast and Ron, once again, brings up his "friend" Boss-Joe who is supposed to call in during the show (spoiler warning - he does not). We then ask our guest why they call her Red or her other nickname "The Rooster". Then friend-of-the-pod Dr. La Marca calls in to share his thoughts on the final podcast and we learn that Jeff (a non-friend of the pod) does not want us to podcast ever again. We then talk about the recent arrest of Shia Labeouf where he curses out a cop which leads to an update of our Death Pool. Jen then brings up the conspiracy surrounding Paul McCartney who many believe died in 1966 and the current one is just a hologram. This leads us to a discussion about the Mandela effect where we recall things a certain way but it turns out to be wrong. Switching gears, we review the recent #1 movie "Dunkirk" which leads us to a discussion about how certain movies could not be filmed today due to political correctness. Then another friend-of-the-pod Big Dollar Rob shows up to finish off the episode. We then learn that women have their own nail lady, discuss the recent transgender military ban, and why Ron hates marriage. We then talk about why a pedophile was arrested after he listed his top 10 reasons why he likes little girls, give our thoughts about the swimming "race" between Olympic gold-medal winner Michael Phelps and a shark, and play the age-old game called "What did Ron Eat Today". Then we end the show with some phone calls from Marco and Tucson Steve and further discuss the future of the podcast with our most ardent fans and get a final comprehensive traffic and weather update. With all that, our permission to podcast is permanently revoked?

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