#45: Worst-Case Protocols

July 3rd, 2017


We are back with just the guys plus Dr. La Marca. We start the show with 4th of July talk and then Ron brings up that Harry Potter just turned 20 years old today (if he were real and if anyone cared). We then play a short clip of Michael Winslow playing "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin with his mouth. Dr. La Marca then describes his life of leisure which includes a doorman and personal assistant. We then discuss the amount of food that is wasted at potlucks and how we don't trust coworker's food expertise. This leads to a realization of the need to diversify our cohort of friends to include more non-whites and non-Mexicans. Al then describes Gil's pot-smoking, 3-D printing, slacker doppelganger, Bernard. We then discuss having worst-case protocols to fall back on when the proverbial shit hits the fan in your life. As with everything, this leads us to a discussion about porn. We end the show with a discussion about how to find your drinking/stripper bar, some home-remodeling update talk, and the mentee/apprentice/assistant vs. master relationship and how to use it to get things done.

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