#44: Hot Topics

June 25th, 2017


The core four are back in the studio. Albert starts us off by describing his trip to Chicago and attending the Iron Maiden and Metallica concerts. We then move on to EDM and terrorist profiling. We then review the news, including the stabbing of a police officer at an airport in Flint, Michigan, the shooting of Republicans at a baseball game in Virginia, and the truth regarding taped conversations in the oval office. We then discuss who will replace Sean Spicer as the president's spokesperson and play some audition tapes Tobias has discovered. Then we talk about the case of Michelle Carter who was convicted of "killing" a suicidal man by texts. We then move on to Johnny Depp's recent comments about Trump and get into a bigger discussion regarding Trump-hate in our current times. After comparing our different driving patterns and trying to define what makes a "good" driver, we end the show by having a discussion about different family structures and the need for fathers, the possibility of impeaching a president given previous precedents, the special elections this week, the new season of "House of Cards", and the treatment of Hollywood celebrities towards Trump.

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