#42: Social Donut Experiment

June 13th, 2017


We are back from a two-week vacation! In the studio this week is BDR and Matt along with the core 4. We start the show with a few stories and then do a round of Trump impersonations. We quickly discuss Kathy Griffin's recent (fake) Trump beheading and apology. We then discuss the movie Pulp Fiction and then review the more recent movie "Alien: Covenant" with very conflicting viewpoints. We then review the newer movie "Independence Day" with more conflicting viewpoints. Finally, we review the recent "Wonder Woman" movie with (big surprise) very conflicting viewpoints but we mostly agree that Gal Gadot is hotter than Linda Carter. Then we have a frank and timely discussion about the lack of social mobility in both rural and inner city settings. Then we sing "Welcome Back" for La Marca since he has moved back to Phoenix. By the end of the show, we discuss the recent Comey news and question why anyone would go to a bar in the morning to watch congressional hearings. Then we end the show with a description of a little social donut experiment with a dusting of shame.

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